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Recently Published
A Radiophone in Every Home
 - William Stephenson and the General Radio Company Limited, 1922-1928
by Ian L. Sanders and Lorne Clark
ISBN 978-0-9570773-0-0
©2011 Loddon Valley Press.  All rights reserved.
Enquiries:  loddonvalleypress(at)gmail.com

Available now
Cyril Frank Elwell
- Pioneer of American and European
Wireless Communications,  Talking Pictures
 and founder of
C.F. Elwell Limited,
 by Ian L. Sanders
Published September 2013
Information: castleridgepress(at)gmail.com

In Preparation
Sidney George Brown, F.R.S.
- Engineer, Inventor and founder of 
S.G. Brown Limited
   by Ian L. Sanders
In preparation.  If you have material that might be suitable for inclusion - Company literature, Photographs, Press cuttings, etc., please contact the author at: 

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