Tickling the Crystal:  Domestic British Crystal Sets of the 1920s   Volumes 1-5

 BVWS Books 2001-2010.

International praise for Tickling the Crystal. . .

Volume 1:

"Author Ian L. Sanders has produced a truly exciting, world-class reference book covering just about every aspect of British domestic crystal sets of the 1920s."

Jonathan Hill:  Bulletin of the British Vintage Wireless Society. (UK)

"For any collector with an interest in the earliest broadcast receivers used in Great Britain, this book will provide an invaluable reference, full of useful information and with many photographs to drool over."

Geoff Arnold:  Radio Bygones. (UK)

"Readers will not be disappointed.  Sanders put ten years into the research for this book, and that work is evident o every page.  From cover to cover, this book is first class."

David W. Krauter:  Journal of the Antique Wireless Association. (USA)

"...fills a much-needed gap in the literature of early wireless in the UK.  If you have any interest in the subject, buy this book.  You will find it a joy to look at and an invaluable aid in the identification of many British crystal sets."

Howard Stone:  Antique Radio Classified. (USA)


Volume 2:

"Well, Ian Sanders has done it again.  In less than three years, Ian has produced a second volume that is just as exciting as the first.  The two volumes between tham form a definitive encyclopaedic record of crystal sets produced in the UK in the 1920s.  Trojan efforts to produce this second volume have paid off."

Phil Beeson:  Bulletin of the British Vintage Wireless Society. (UK)

"Volume Two of Sanders and Glover is obviously done with the same loving care and attention to detail as the first.  We commend Glover for his flawless photographs and Sanders for his meticulously detailed descriptions."

David W. Krauter:  Journal of the Antique Wireless Association. (UK)


Volume 3:

"This excellent third volume by Ian Sanders and Carl Glover, with its informative text and superlative photography, really is crystal-clear."

Anthony Constable:  Bulletin of the British Vintage Wireless Society. (UK)

"Now we have the third volume of the Sanders and Glover set - this now classic set of volumes is highly recommended."

David W. Krauter:  Journal of the Antique Wireless Association. (USA)

"A bible of outstanding quality for every enthusiast of British crystal sets."

Erwin Macho:  Radiobote.  (Austria)

Volume 4:

"From the beginning Ian Sanders has chosen a path that is both wide and deep. He places the crystal set in the context of public broadcasting. With Tickling the Crystal, we are dealing with a scholarly body of work that is extraordinarily wide in subject area and deep in detail. It is this breadth of vision and interest that Ian Sanders has brought to the subject that has resulted in a project spread over a number of volumes rather than a single book... Ian has done no less than use the crystal receiver as a window through which the reader can view and understand the whole world of early broadcasting together with the technologies used for its reception. The result is without doubt the finest work ever written in this genre. Not only will it be an essential source of reference as well as essential reading for those fascinated by crystal sets, but it will hold the attention of everyone with an interest in the early days of broadcasting.

David Read:  Bulletin of the British Vintage Wireless Society. (UK)

Volume 5:
"Tickling the Crystal 5 is a rich and sumptuous addition to Ian's previous four volumes and, like them, is a delight to read and a joy to own.  We have come to expect outstanding text and superb photography and Tickling the Crystal 5 doesn't disappoint. . . It is hard to imagine how such a work could ever be surpassed."

Lorne Clark:  Bulletin of the British Vintage Wireless Society. (UK)

Tickling the Crystal - Ian Sanders